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You have a question ? We may have your answer here:

  • Is the marquee heated?

Pour votre plus grand confort, notre chapiteau est entièrement chauffé ! 

Pensez malgré tout à emporter avec vous une couche dont vous pourriez vous débarasser ou laisser au cas-où.

  • Are there animals in the show?

No. Our show is 100% human and contains NO animals.

  • When is the circus cash register open?

The circus box office is ONLY open on show days 1 hour before the start of the show.

  • Can we eat and drink under the marquee?

Of course ! We also have a popcorn bar, cotton candy, hot dogs, sweets and drinks at the entrance to the circus.

  • I forgot (my bag, coat, phone, etc.) under the marquee, what should I do?

Our marquee is cleaned after each performance. If you forget, your belongings will be stored and available at the circus cash register. In this case, please contact us via our social networks or by email at

ATTENTION ! The Nicolas Bouglione Circus rejects any responsibility in the event of breakage, loss or theft.

  • Is the show recommended for a baby?

We would like to say yes but it depends from one baby to another. Please note that a child under 2 years old does not pay. But don't forget that the show is accompanied by music, special effects (smoke, lasers, lights,...)

  • How long does the show last?

Our show lasts approximately 1 hour 45 minutes including an intermission.

  • Are there bathrooms ?

Yes, we have a sanitary area within the circus and completely free.

  • Is the marquee suitable for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, our marquee is suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Any questions? Ask us.

Merci pour votre envoi.

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